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Djibouti, officially the Republic of Djibouti, is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south, and Somalia in the southeast. The remainder of the border is formed by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. On the other side of the Red Sea, on the Arabian Peninsula, 20 kilometres from the coast of Djibouti, is Yemen. Djibouti's size is just over 23,000 square kilometres with an estimated population of over 500,000. Its capital city is Djibouti. About a fifth of the population of the country live below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day.

Djibouti Tourist Attractions

Djibouti in Africa, is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Africa. The tourist destinations in Djibouti mainly include lakes and rivers. There are a number of tourist destinations in Djibouti that you can explore.

Djibouti is surrounded by Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Red Sea, and Gulf of Aden. Djibouti shares its 314 km coastline with Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The country has typically stony desert with a number of plateaus and hills spread across the country.

There are two major ethnic groups in Djibouti – Somali and Afar. The population also includes French, Arab, Ethiopian, and Italian people. The majority of the population is followers of Islam and a minority is the followers of Christianity. People of Djibouti speak French, Arabic, Somali, and Afar. French and Arabic are the official languages of the country. The currency used in the country is Djibouti franc.

Djibouti is connected to its neighboring countries by rail and air. Djibouti connects to Ethiopia by rail. Moreover, there are 12 airports in Djibouti connecting it to the rest of the country.

The best time to visit Djibouti is between November and mid-April. During this period, the weather in Djibouti is pleasant and is suitable for a trip to Djibouti. During the rest of the year, it is very hot in Djibouti.

Djibouti is divided into one city and five regions. These are:

* Djibouti city
* Obock Region
* Tadjourah Region
* Arta Region
* Dikhil Region
* Ali Sabieh Region

Some of the places where you can go for sightseeing in Djibouti are given below:

Djibouti city

The city has a number of places for sightseeing and the best mode for covering the city is on foot. Some of the major tourist attractions of Djibouti city include Le Marche Central or Central Market and Aquarium Tropical de Djibouti. On your trip to Djibouti city, visit the Lac Abbe, Lac Asal, and Lac Goubet lakes for some ever-lasting memories.

Obock Region

This region is famous for its lakes and rivers.

Tadjourah Region

If you are fond of water sports, you should visit Gulf of Tadjourah. This is a lesser known place but an excellent spot for diving. Between February and April, you can see the whale sharks, which come to the Gulf of Tadjourah for food and rest.

Arta Region

If you are going for a tour to Djibouti country, you have to visit Arta. Arta is famous for its natural beauty. You can take a taxi from Arta and travel to the Djibouti city.

Dikhil Region

If you go for sightseeing to Dikhil region, visit Lake Abbe. It is one of the most famous tourist spot.

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