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Arta Town, Djibouti

Arta Town, Djibouti is one of the exotic tourist destinations in the region. The city is located at the southeastern part of Djibouti. Among many other popular tourist destinations in Djibouti, Arta Town is an important tourist spot. Djibouti is a county is East Africa which is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Arta Town, Djibouti is of great importance for the international tourists because the city houses the Somalia National Peace Conference.

Arta Town in Djibouti covers a wide area of about one thousand and nine hundred square kilometers which is inhabited by six thousand and two hundred people. Among many other Djibouti tourist destinations, Arta Town has an important place. The city is prominent among other cities and towns of Djibouti and tourists can opt for excursions to other places in Djibouti from this city.

The Transitional National Government of Somalia was established in Arta region during the months of March and April in the year 2000. The government was established immediately after the Somali Civil War.

The transportation in the city is also well developed for which Djibouti tours have become hassle free and easier. International travelers cam land at the airport in Djibouti, known as Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport and from there they can get frequent taxi services to reach the city of Arta Town.

After reaching the city, tourists can look for some comfortable lodging options in Arta Town. They can get wide selection of hotels in the city for their lodging. These comfortable choices of hotels are available at affordable prices and suitable for both leisure and budgeted travelers.

Visitors can get to see some of the popular places of sightseeing in Arta Town. They can go for excursions or any kind of city day trips which allow them to see the popular places of attraction in the city. Some of the places that must be visited in the tours include:

* Presidential Palace
* the Central Market
* Le Marche Central
* Lac Abbe
* lac Goubet
* Lac Asal
* Grand Bara
* Petit Bara
* Gulf of Tadjoura
* Obock
* Tadjoura.

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Behind Safari Vests and Pockets

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