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Obock, Djibouti

Obock, Djibouti is one of the five regions of the Djibouti country. It is an excellent tourist destination and is famous for its black sand beach.

History of Obock

Obock was the first French colony in the Djibouti country. It was established in 1862 by the French rulers with the aim of having a coaling station for their steamships. Obock, today, is a place of tourist attraction.

Climate of Obock

Obock, like other regions of Djibouti has hot and dry summers and cooler winters with occasional rainfall. The coastal breeze, however, helps in moderating the summers to some extent. The best time to visit Obock is between October and April.

Transportation of Obock

Obock has a port of commercial importance. Most of the import and export of the country takes place from this port. Obock has a local airport in the region connecting it with the other regions. Air Djibouti provides domestic services at the airport.

Sightseeing in Obock

One of the famous spots for sightseeing in Obock is the Obock Beach. The Obock Beach is known for its unique black sand beach and volcanic rocks. You can find shells of dead tortoises on the beach. To reach the beach, you have to take the N1 road from Djibouti. After traveling for a while along N1 road, you have to take the N9 road and then N11 road. You will then reach Tadjoura. From there, you should take the N14 road that leads to the Obock Beach.

Accomodation in Obock

You will have a number of accommodation options in Obock. One of the most comfortable hotels in Obock is Red Sea Village. It is located at a distance of one mile from the main town of Obock. It has a restaurant and an entertainment center.

Recreation in Obock

You can involve in some water sports in Obock. You can take part in diving, snorkeling, and surfing. If you want, you can also have a quiet walk on the beaches. A walk on the beach can give you an extremely relaxing experience.

The Obock region of Djibouti can offer you an excellent vacation. Its easy transportation network and accommodation options have made Obock, Djibouti a favorite destination among the tourists.

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